the 'Yang' element....


Trust me, and you will agree that it’s always easier and more interesting to read the “about me” section of others, than having to write one’s own.

So I will present the facts, which are to most who know me, as beautiful and exciting as any piece of fiction. 

It was the early 80ies (really early) when I came kicking and crying in this world, in a tiny Austrian wine countryside village, very close to the Hungarian border. It was “wow” to be growing up amongst nature, vineyards and like minded close knit family and friends. Our wine was, and still is, as loved. People, merry times, food and fun was a way of life in our open to all doors family home. That shaped and guided my journey from then to now.

From a village of 500 to the most populated country in the world, to the city of dreams – Mumbai, India.

The journey was exciting and full of surprises, resolutions and adventure and a great learning curve, which is ongoing. 

 Today is about Nilia Yoga – about how this happened?

How did yoga happen to me anyway? 

You might think, being in India is making you a yogi already… well, I must say not. 

It took me a long time, a health scare and change of valuing myself, to finally fully emerge into this beautiful journey generally termed as ‘yog(a)’ .

A beautiful first class, many teachers, different yoga styles and schools later, it is the ONE thing I am passionate about.


Where there is so much to learn and yet, find my solace in the sheer basics.


Nilia Yoga is the uniting (to yuj – Sanskrit noun where Yoga is derived from) of the same passion and compassion, with the souls that answers your call.

I have always been a team player, so it just comes naturally to team up.


And here we are Conny & Ri – the spiritual mind & heart meets the energy bundle on fire!


Bundle of energy – some friends and family wonder..where it comes from…its in me. 

Yup I have energy! It’s sometimes too much – I can hardly do ‘nothing’ – that’s when yoga comes into the picture again.

Grounding. Relaxing. Earthing. Steadying the mind stuff. 


An open heart and curious for new things, combined with a good amount of acceptance – but –  keeping my practical virgo roots close to heart – emotions usually don’t take over that part. 


My interest in organisation, service industry and peoples relation, is keeping my ‘real’ job in logistics alive and plays a major part. 


In future, I would like to “yuj” travel & yoga – and be able to live the life of my biggest passions to the fullest! 


Lokah Samastah Sukinoh Bhavantu